How to play the game?
The goal is to achieve the highest amount of points by completing level tasks.
To do this you need to collect a combination of 3 or more gems in a row, changing their places with the adjacent at horizontal and vertical gems.

What is the task to be performed on the playing level?
The game has two types of tasks:
The main tasks are given by the girl named Nancy. They have to be performed to win the level.
Secondary tasks are given by her assistants. They need to be completed in order to get the chests and extra help from the companions.

What the stars are needed for?
The stars reflect on how successful you have been playing the game level and allow you to compare your success with friends.
Who will get more stars on level 68?

How to score more stars?
To gain more stars, you should collect a combination of 4 and 5 crystals in a row. These combinations allow you to get firecrackers and iridescent bottles. By blowing them up, you get more stars for the level.

What are the "Hearts"?
You need Hearts to continue the game after a failed level.
After each loss, you lose one Heart.
You can continue playing until the Hearts counter reaches 0.
If you are out of Hearts, you can wait until they are restored or buy the additional hearts using the gold coins.

What is a coin?
Coins are in-game money that you can spend on purchasing boosters and hearts.

How can I get a coin?
You can get the coins in several ways:
As a daily bonus, come back every day in order to collect more coins.
For winning the challenges. Send and receive challenges from your friends to get extra coins.
Open the chests at the levels! You get coins, hearts and boosters for opening the chests. Do not forget to open them at every level.

How to unlock new levels?
To pass to the next episode of the game, you will need to get help from 3 friends or pay 50 gold coins.

I don’t know what to do with a particular chip on the field!
If you can not understand what to do with the game chips such as "Earth", "trolley", "column" or other, check out the encyclopedia. Open encyclopedia by clicking the book button.

Purchases and coins

How to buy coins?
You can get more coins by purchasing them in the in-game store.
We also offer you to purchase coins, if you try to buy something in the game with not enough coins.

I lost my coins! You have made a purchase for the coins but have not received the chosen item?
We can easily resolve this problem. Please contact us via the support form or at the social network page. Send us a link to your profile in the social network, and include a brief description of the problem. We will solve the issue within 2 days.

I did not get the coins! You have spent real money in order to purchace a coin but didn’t receive it?
Send us a link to your profile in the social network, and we will credit the purchased item within 2 days.

Other problems with the purchasing goods.
If you experience any problems related to the purchases, please contact us through the support form at the website or leave a request in the corresponding group in the social network.

Technical problems

How do I turn on / off sound and music?
Simply click on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the game map in order to see the music / sound options.

I have a problem that prevents me from playing!
In case of any technical problems, please contact us via the "Support" form. Along with your review we will also receive a technical report containing the error code. This information will allow us to fix the issue as soon as possible.